Why use an Eye Oil?

Benefits of using an eye oil


Even if you don’t think you need it, eye oil is a smart preventative measure to keep skin firm and supple down the line. But there is so many other reasons to use it, too!


Here are just some of the benefits


Eye oil helps prevent signs of aging

Dull, tired, and slack-looking skin happens for a variety of reasons, but two of the biggest culprits are dehydration and environmental stressors. A natural eye oil like ours is packed with antioxidants and moisture-giving ingredients which can help to keep those aggressors away.


Lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Another thing that our five natural ingredients can do is help to smooth and revitalize the skin, resulting in the diminished appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Minimizes puffiness

Puffiness that comes from fluid retention can be caused by things like sleep deprivation, allergies, and aging. The best eye oils have ingredients that reduce these visible signs of fatigue. You will find our soothing and hydrating oil is perfect to calm the puffiness.


Eye oil delivers super hydration

The incredibly delicate skin around your eyes needs a specialized type of hydration, which an eye oil like ours provides. It does this with just the right concentration of ingredients that won’t irritate the skin and dry it out further.


To even skin tone

Nourished, moisturized skin looks brighter and healthier. Add in some rejuvenating vitamins and you’ve got a glowing, even skin tone.


We have just launched our BRAND NEW Eye Oil

Our brand new Eye Oil contains carefully chosen ingredients for those that suffer with sensitive tired eyes. Anyone who suffers with:

  • Allergies,
  • Puffy eyes
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dark circles
  • Wear contact lens
  • have had Laser surgery
  • Dry eye
  • People who work alot on screens
  • People who work outdoors


We believe that less is more when it comes to the products we apply to our skin. Our eye oil contains only five natural oils with an array of benefits.


Rice Bran Oil- reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dullness

Argan Kernel Oil- Cooling and soothing. Anti-aging

Borage Seed Oil- Calming and nourishing. Strengthens skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil- Tones, lifts and firms.

Vitamin E Oil- Anti-aging and moisturising.