Self Care during the Winter Season

Carving out some alone time or some self-care can be difficult at the best of times but winter just adds a whole other layer to that difficulty right?


Well here at Meadows we know just how much looking after you and your mind even during the busy time that is Christmas is so important.


It can be a stressful and overwhelming time for some, with that said we have a few tips which may make it a little easier to carve out some alone time to rest and recharge.


Here are some tips we hope help;


Get some daylight


Sunlight is proven to boost our mood, so as we know we don’t get a lot of it during winter here in Eire so much so, some people can actually suffer from a condition call SAD.

The symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are like the symptoms of normal depression. But they occur repetitively at a particular time of year.

They usually start in the autumn or winter and improve in the spring.

The nature and severity of SAD varies from person-to-person. If you think this might be you, consider speaking to your GP.

You will find the sun does peak out even just now and then. So, when it does get out for a walk or even sit in a sunny window.


Have a warm bath


How many of you have a bath regularly? We are guessing not a lot.

Baths can be great for calming your mood. Studies show that baths can lessen your stress, reduce your anxiety, and even help you sleep better.

It’s believed it has to do with the fact that it warms us up. While you’re in the bath, you can read a book, light your diffusor with some of your favourite essential oils, or light our Winterglow Candle and take some time to meditate.




Get warm and cozy


Whilst it might be cold outside, creating a warm and cosy space in your home can really help you mental and physical health wellbeing. Sit in your favourite chair, grab a blanket and light a candle. Feeling physically warm and comforted can help your mind too.

Make your bedroom a cosy space. Warm blankets, a nice Pillow Spritz and see the difference it makes to your mind and body.


Lean into winter


Winter isn’t a lot of people’s favourite season and we get it, it can be pretty cold and miserable. We spoke about it over on our Instagram HERE. But still there’s beauty to the changes.

The earth is settling down after a long year of growing plants and trees, animals are doing the same and preparing for the busy time which is Spring.

If we can look at the seasons in this way too we can really lean into winter and see it more as a time to reflect and recharge.