Deep Sleep Pillow Mist


Deep sleep pillow mist and sprays are a wonderful help if you’re having sleeping difficulties. For some of us, falling asleep can prove challenging, possibly due to your stressful lifestyle, anxiety, late night thoughts or whatever the reason may be. With that being said, we can all agree that one thing is certain. We all desire a good night sleep and to dose off into our sweet dreams.

Sweet Dream Spritz is our Irish made deep sleep pillow spray that has relaxing effects. With it, you will receive a combination of orange blossom water and pure essentials which are proven ingredients to help combat sleep difficulties.

You can enjoy its therapeutic effects by either spraying it in the air or on your pillow. Get that perfect sleep you longed for.

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Ingredients Used in Deep Sleep Pillow Mist

Below are four of the main ingredients used in our deep sleep pillow mist:


Lavender is an evergreen plant used for medicinal purposes. Its origins are in North Africa and the Mediterranean region. However, it currently grows in different parts of the US, UK, and other countries. Its flowers, leaves, and essential oils are applied and used as natural medication. Sometimes, it is taken as a supplement or used as raw material, like in this case.


• It can help relieve your anxiety and emotional stress.
• It will give you a calming effect.
• It will help you fall asleep better.


Chamomile is a common daisy-like plant originally found in Western Europe and the Northern region of Africa. It is commonly used to make herbal infusions. In both traditional and modern days, chamomile has been used to make medicine. Its use dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek days. It is also added to foods and beverages as a flavouring ingredient. In this case, it is used in its raw state.


• It can relieve your anxiety and depression symptoms.
• It helps with insomnia.


Frankincense is an aromatic resin commonly used in perfumes and incense. It is sourced from the genus Boswellia tree, which initially grew in the Arabian Peninsula. Frankincense comprises an acid resin, gum, Boswellia acid, and phellandrene. It is commonly applied in the herbal medical field because of its medicinal values. It is also used to kill bacteria and fungi.


• It reduces asthma and breathing difficulties.
• It helps with sleep apnoea, hence allowing you to sleep better.
• It reduces gastritis and improves gut function.

Orange blossom water

Orange blossom flower, also known as an orange flower water, is a clear aromatic by-product of distilled bitter orange blossom essential oils. It is applied as a perfume and freshener. Sometimes, it is also used as an ingredient in culinary preparations, especially in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and Indian foods. It is also used as an ingredient for sweets.


• It has a sweet scent that can make your sleep better.

Deep Sleep Pillow Mist – FAQ

What is Deep Sleep Pillow Spray?

This is a popular pillow spray that helps you fall asleep faster. It contains a wide range of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and frankincense. These oils all play a significant role in helping the body relax and fall asleep. The scent of the pillow mist triggers the part of the brain that is responsible for calm and activity. The scent can trigger childhood memories or any other calming memories, which will relax your brain and help you fall asleep. You can apply it to your pillow or spray it in the air if you are looking to get a better night sleep

Does Sleep Spray Work?

Whether or not sleep spray works depend on your needs. For instance, for someone with sleep disorders, it may work differently as compared to someone without any. Note that sleep spray is not designed to sedate you. It works by calming your body, hence allowing you to fall asleep more easily. Falling asleep is difficult when you are stressed or anxious. Therefore, relieving the stress and anxiety allows your body to relax and get into sleep mode. It uses ingredients like Frankincense and lavender, which have a calming effect on the body.

Does Lavender Relax You?

Yes, lavender has a relaxing effect. It is a gently scented herb with flowers and works as an anxiety reliever. It has sedative elements which help to induce sleep and foster relaxation and a sense of calm. Lavender also interacts with the GABA neurotransmitters in the body, which help to calm the brain activity. GABA also interacts with the nervous system. By doing so, lavender helps to reduce agitation, aggression, and restlessness. Scientific research has proven that lavender brewed in tea or used as an ingredient in recipes can help to relax the body and relieve stress. The benefits lie in the scent.

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