“A Little Treat” + Winterglow Candle – Gift Set


Know someone who needs “A Little Treat”?

This Gift Set contains our “Winterglow” and “Sweet Dream Spritz” pillow mist, packaged in our fair trade cotton gift bag.

Our “Sweet Dream Spritz” pillow mist is a wonderful help if you’re having sleeping difficulties. For some of us, falling asleep can prove challenging, possibly due to your stressful lifestyle, anxiety, late night thoughts or whatever the reason may be. With that being said, we can all agree that one thing is certain. We all desire a good night sleep and to dose off into our sweet dreams.

Sweet Dream Spritz is our Irish made deep sleep pillow spray that has relaxing effects. It contains a beautiful combination of orange blossom water and pure essentials which are proven ingredients to help combat sleep difficulties.

You can enjoy its therapeutic effects by either spraying it in the air or on your pillow. Get that perfect sleep you longed for.

Our “Winterglow” candle is perfect for those chilly winter evenings.

Cosy up on the couch, warm blankie beside the fire. Hot cup of tea or mulled wine and a great book…..are you with me.

Winterglow’s scent is a beautiful blend of rich Brazilian orange, clove and ginger with hints of woods, musks, lemon and Christmas spices. It’s devine!

Created and blended by hand in Ireland using natural soy wax.

Aswell as loving candles here at Meadows we love a good quote. We choose this quote to have on our candle and hope you love it also.

“We’re all like snowflakes, all different in our own beautiful way”

Burntime 30hrs





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