Natural Skin Care Gift Sets by Meadows

At Meadows, we offer a full range of all-natural skin care products, and these are available in a wide range of natural skin care gift sets. Our gift sets are packed in eco-friendly materials and reusable bags. Our natural skin care gift sets are wonderful present options that combine low negative environmental impact and positive skincare effects. 

Our hampers and gift sets are designed for all, but with a specific focus on loving mothers and their babies. Our gift sets are created to provide a specific benefit with you in mind. For instance, we offer baby gift setscomplete skin care gift sets, and sleep well gift sets along with many more. 

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Types of Natural Skin Care Gift Sets 

Below are some amazing Natural Skin Care gift sets: 

Sleep Well – Natural Skin Care Gift Set

This set contains the Sweet Dream Spritz 100ml. This is a relaxing pillow mist that can help you with your sleeping difficulties. It also consists of a nourishing body oil that will help lift your mood, relieve stress, and eliminate anxiety. Finally, it has a Meadows candle. It is a soya scented wax candle that can burn for up to 10 hours while you sleep. 
Complete Natural Skin Care Gift Set

Our complete natural skin care gift set has our cleansing face oil, revitalizing face serum, rejuvenating face cream and a muslin face cloth. These amazing products are packed in a fair-trade organic cotton bag. Allow this set to take care of your sensitive skin and restore it to its natural glory. 

Baby Bib Set

This baby bib set has two green and star bibs, and one Meadows animal bib. Each of the bibs features a fleece back and a cotton front. Our bibs are soft on your babies’ skin. They are designed to keep your baby dry during teething and feeding times. They also have two poppers that allow for different sizes as your baby grows. 

Baby Gift Set

This baby gift pack is made up of the nurturing baby body oil, baby bum balm, and the Meadows baby bib set. The baby body oil is packed with calming, soothing and softening properties. On the other hand, the balm is designed to keep your baby’s bum smooth and free from irritation. Each of the products in this set is designed with natural and safe ingredients. It is a perfect gift for a baby, for any special occasion

Baby Natural Skin Care Gift Set

Our baby natural skin care gift set features the nurturing baby body oil with calming, soothing, softening, and nourishing elements. This wonderful set also contains the baby bum balm designed to protect your baby from irritation. 

Selfcare – Natural Skin Care Gift Set

This natural skin care gift set is all about selfcare. Our selfcare gift set contains the Meadows revitalizing face serum and a jade face roller. Our jade face roller will help you stimulate your circulation and leave your facial muscles more relaxed than ever. It can also encourage lymphatic drainage and draws away toxins. The serum and roller work perfectly with one another to relive your tension and stress.

Travel set – Natural Skin Care Gift Set

This travel gift set contains some of our favourite Meadow’s products in miniature sizes. It features the cleansing face oil (20ml), revitalizing face serum (10ml), and rejuvenating face cream (15ml). This is the perfect natural skin care gift set for a loved one or friend for their travels or to simply introduce them to the Meadows brand. 


Why Buy a Meadows Natural Skincare Gift Set?

Its Irish

Meadow natural skin care gift sets are amazing local products. Our company is based on our Dairy farm in Wicklow, Ireland 

Skin-Friendly Products

Each of our natural skin gift sets by Meadows is easy on the skin. The products are made from natural ingredients. As such, they do not contain any harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates which could trigger irritation and a plethora of other adverse effects. They are specially designed to benefit the skin and to not harm in any way. 

Its Eco-Friendly

Our products ingredients and the methods of acquiring raw materials for Meadow products are all eco-friendly. For instance, the products do not contain minerals whose acquisition methods cause a lot of damage on the environment. Additionally, Meadow’s products are made from sustainable raw materials. Our packaging in recyclable and we offer discounts on refills where you can reuse the pump or spray head from your previous product.

Natural Ingredients

Meadows takes pride that all our products are made using natural ingredients. The products are free from chemicals like parabens, sulphates and fragrances that may have adverse effects on your skin and the environment. All the ingredients are carefully selected to provide the most benefits to your skin when you use them.

Mother and Baby Friendly

Meadows creates products that are suitable for both mothers and their beautiful babies. For instance, the baby balm is greatly beneficial to the skin of the baby and it is also easy on the mother’s hands and skin. It is a fantastic way to use natural skin care products that benefit both you and your baby.