Are your Skin Care products 100% Natural and where do we get our ingredients?

Yes, at Meadows we only use natural plant derived ingredients.  We don’t use any synthetic colours or fragrances, all our products scents are from pure essential oils.  We use absolutely no parabens. To prolong the shelf life of Meadows products I add Vitamin E oil as it is a natural antioxidant. All ingredients are sourced as local as possible and on our farm.  It is not always possible to get Irish grown ingredients so we try to buy from as near to Ireland as possible. And it’s very important to us that all our raw materials come from ethical and sustainable sources.

How do you use the Cleansing Face Oil?

Cleansing Oils are new to a lot of people’s skin regime. Apply to a damp face and the more you massage the better for the face. Remove with a warm face cloth preferably muslin cloth which is more gently on the face that cotton.

Benefits of using a Cleansing face oil- it’s a gentle non-strip formula. Cleans and removes make-up in one easy go. Can help balance oil production which is important for oily-acne skin type. Contains 100% plant oils which is ideal for people looking to use pure, chemical free skin care.

Have they been safety tested?

All Meadows products have an individual CPSR which ensures each product follow EU regulations for Skin Care products.

What is the shelf life of products?

All products have a natural shelf life of 1 year.

Are products or ingredients tested on animals?

At Meadow’s we are very much against animal testing. Our products have passed safety assessments, these are assessments of our formulations and don’t include animal testing. We are very careful about where we source our ingredients and only buy from producers and suppliers who can assure us that there is no animal testing carried out on our ingredients.

The only ingredient we use derived from animals is beeswax which we use in our Lip Balm and Baby Bum Balm.

What Skin Type are they suitable for?

Meadows skin care products are suitable for all skin types. It is recommended to do a patch test before use.

Are the products organic?

At Meadow’s we don’t have organic status but we do use organic ingredients where possible, for example our Revitalising Face Serum has certified organic Rosehip oil. As well as providing 100% natural products we want to provide an affordable option to people.

What are your delivery prices?

€6 postal rate for purchase under €50 in Ireland. Free postage in Ireland for orders over €50.

Ship worldwide- €20 flat fee- DHL courier