Everything you need to know about Nettle foraging

We all know Nettles sting, we’ve been stung as a child or even our children have been stung at some point. BUT, did you know that foraging nettle leaves has many benefits?

Although mostly Known as a “stinging plant”, nettle also has amazing powers when foraged correctly. ⠀

Nettle leaves are actually full of ⠀

🌱Vitamin C⠀
🌱Minerals and Iron ⠀
🌱Improves red blood cell count⠀

When foraging remember to always wear heavy duty gardening gloves as before the leaves are cooked they will sting you. Pick the top shoots, the young leaves and pick and forage before the plant flowers. ⠀

Simmering for 2/3 mins removes the sting and when strained the liquid can be frozen and the leaves can be blended into soups, pasta sauces or not blended in omelettes and in salads. ⠀

Infused to make a tea, Nettle is great for Acne and if you suffer from inflammation of the joints.⠀

Have a look at my recent IGTV for lots more info about the amazing benefits of Nettles.

Do you suffer from Acne?

A great natural cool down for acne sufferers especially in the heat is a home made nettle facial spritz. ⠀

🌱Using the top shoots of a nettle plant (remember to always use heavy duty gloves), simmer in boiling water for 2/3 mins. ⠀

🌱Strain the leaves off and let the liquid cool down. ⠀

🌱When cooled it can be bottled and used as a facial spritz for Acne sufferers.


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