Easy ways to help YOUR planet


Eco anxiety was always a big worry of mine. Palm oil and what is happening in the rainforest are terrifying. It really made me realise ‘The Power of One’. How even just you or your family by making a conscious effort can make a difference.


Here in Meadows we use as little plastic as possible (only our pumps are partially plastic), all our packaging is recyclable glass and aluminium and we offer refills. We are passionate about sustainability and educating others on the same. Here are some changes we have made and tips we have learnt along the way.


At home,

Personal care


  • Cotton pads can be replaced with reusable ones or our muslin clothes
  • We use bars of soap for hand-washing and soap bars in a reusable pouch in the shower, sustainable and the pouch also acts as a loofa
  • We use shampoo bars in the shower to avoid plastic bottles
  • Swap your canned deodorant to natural deodorant



  • We stopped buying cling film or tin foil and use reusable bees wax wraps instead.
  • We stopped doing big large food shops, to reduce waste we go to our local veg shop and buy what we need. Making a list helps to buy just what you need and there is also no packaging.
  • Supporting local Irish bus, by keeping it local you are keeping a low carbon footprint.
  • Bring your own shopping bags and containers if going to a sustainable store.


Days Out

  • When going out bring reusable water bottles.
  • Doing litter pick-ups in your area. Don’t rely on ‘public bins’ when you are out, bring your rubbish home.