Do you suffer from Hayfever?

This time of year Hay fever is rampant.

Although Hay fever sufferers can suffer all year round. But, peak pollen production is really from March right through to Autumn. ⠀

My son and husband suffer from Asthma as well as hay fever so in the high pollen season they can find it challenging, especially my husband who works on our farm. There is no escaping it. So for him and for most people, you just manage the symptoms.

Here are some great ways of managing flares-⠀

🌾 Pop some balm (our baby bum balm is great) just at the opening of the nostrils to stop any pollen getting into the hairs of the nose⠀

🌾 A teaspoon of LOCAL honey a day. Bee pollen can desensitise your body to the pollen in your area once the honey is local. ⠀

🌾 Diffuse 2 drops of lemon, lavender and peppermint at home to reduce symptoms⠀

🌾 Keep windows closed after lunchtime to keep as much pollen out⠀

🌾 Shower before bed and take off any clothes you wore outside⠀


If you have any natural remedies that you find work well for you or your family do let us know.⠀