The Importance of Regular Exfoliation

Is there anything better than a long shower followed by a good scrub with your favourite exfoliator, clean pyjamas and fresh sheets on your bed? Why is Exfoliating so Important? So why should we exfoliate? Well regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Dead skin cells occur because … Read more

Christmas Gifts for EVERYONE on your list

  Buying Christmas is a joyful and exciting experience for some, for others it can be incredibly stressful. But stressed is the last thing you should be feeling over the Christmas period. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have a read HERE of some tips to look after you amidst the madness.     As we all … Read more

Looking after your skin and lips as the weather changes

Winter can wreak all kinds of havoc on a household. From winter colds to making sure the little ones are wrapped up and keeping warm and let’s not even mention thinking about things to cook for the dinner!   But one thing not surprisingly we can overlook in the business that is winter is looking … Read more

Easy ways to help YOUR planet

  Eco anxiety was always a big worry of mine. Palm oil and what is happening in the rainforest are terrifying. It really made me realise ‘The Power of One’. How even just you or your family by making a conscious effort can make a difference.   Here in Meadows we use as little plastic … Read more

Why use a serum?

There is a LOT of skincare on the market. Different brands, products and it can get overwhelming when searching for what you need. With an array of moisturisers and skincare out there, lets focus today on serum. Why use a serum? Is it necessary and is it effective? The attraction of using a serum is … Read more