I have always had a love of all things natural – skincare, food and how we live. Both my son and my husband have very dry, sensitive skin and nothing we had tried worked for them. One day I decided to try and create a very simple balm, using all natural ingredients and the difference to their skin was incredible! I made some more balms and gave them to friends and family to try. Next thing I knew I had people coming back looking for even more so they could share with their own friends and family!


It’s funny, because creating a skincare business was never the plan. After I became a mother I went through a very difficult time. I did go back to work after my maternity leave but I became very unwell. I was eventually diagnosed with depressive anxiety and took a career break. One day as a treat to myself I signed up to do a workshop on how to make your own natural skincare. It was such a wonderful day out and it was amazing to chat to other people who had the same love of all things natural as I did. 


Those products I had started out sharing with friends and family became so popular that I started selling at a local market. I have a Bachelor of Science as well as diplomas in both Holistic Therapies and Reflexology, and I love how I can combine all that knowledge to create different formulations using the most amazing natural ingredients and create something that works so well for people. 


I live with my family on my husband’s 3rd generation dairy farm in Wicklow and come from a farming background myself. As dairy farming follows the cows’ natural cycles, living in harmony with nature is very much a part of my daily life and living as sustainable a life as possible is very important to me. I make sure that my skincare products are as sustainable as possible – all the packaging is aluminium or glass, and any products with a plastic spray head can be refilled, I also use all recyclable packaging when shipping my products. The most exciting news though is that we are installing solar panels on the farm which will generate enough electricity for the farm, our home and my skincare business!


It’s been an exciting few years, and I still can’t believe that I now run an award winning natural, skincare business! It’s so important to me that people have skincare that is not only natural and effective, but as low impact on the environment as possible. Meadows Pure Skincare has grown so quickly, and I now offer a full range of skincare products for women and babies which are stocked all over the country.