My Story

Claire Williams is the creator and maker of “Meadows” pure skin care fresh from the farm. Claire has a Bachelor of Science degree from N.U.I Maynooth and Diploma in Holistic Massage,  Reflexology and Sports Injuries. Coming from this background she has learned to choose the best natural ingredients to create “Meadows” range of “Pure skin care fresh from the farm” which protects, nourishes and repairs the skin.

Nowadays we are so concerned with what we put in our bodies, we forget about what we put on our skin. Our skin acts as a protective organ that absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it.  We are passionate about making people more aware of the benefits of using only natural ingredients.

Claire is committed and passionate about making luxurious affordable 100% Natural Skin Care products that treat body, mind and soul. Her Skin Care collection is created and hand blended with love surrrounded by nature on her family farm in Ireland.


Meadows Product range

Cleansing Face Oil
Revitalising Face Serum
Rejuvenating Face Cream
Nourishing Hand Balm
Uplifting Foot Balm
Nourishing Lip Balm
Sweet Dream Spritz
Awaken Body Scrub
Sneaky Peek Travel Set
Baby Gift Set
Baby Bum Balm
Nuturing Baby Body OIl
Hampers/ Gift Sets

Meadows is:  “Natural, Pure and Fresh Sustainable beauty”

• 100% Natural Ingredients

• No Parabens, chemicals, synthetic colours or fragrances

• Recyclable Packaging

• Vegan Friendly (with exception of our Lip Balm and Baby Bum Balm which contain Beeswax.)

Our Farm

“Barnadown Farm” is situated on the Wexford/ Wicklow border just outside the beautiful village of Tinahely, Co Wicklow with “Meadows”- pure skin care from the farm, created on the our-farm at “Ashlawn”.

Our Farm is a third generation family run farm since 1932. My husband Jonathan’s Grandparents, Tom and Violet Free took over the farm in 1932 and in 1964 their Daughter Betty and her Husband Billy Williams took over the running of the farm. In 2003 my hubby Jonathan took over with full concentration on Dairy Farming with a Montbeliarde Herd (the brown and white cows for those of you who don’t know different breeds of cows)

Life on the farm is busy year round, my hubby refers to the cows as “the Girls” who are spoilt rotten with the best green luscious grass, yummy sweet beet, silage and nuts……a cow’s dream! In between Farming and Family life, “Meadows”- pure skin care from the farm blossomed, and so the story continues…….